What We Believe

In a busy world where people miss opportunities to strengthen and build relationships, Kate and her team fill the void.  She is passionate about making people feel appreciated and recognized and she walks alongside businesses to help them identify, recognize, and share some love one sweet bite at a time.

My Pretty Little Pretzel (MPLP) provides the most delicious, lavish, artisan coated pretzels and truffles in the country where every part of the process is done and made with love. We do this to create an opportunity to provide a relational experience to elevate, educate, and create amazing food experiences.

We do this by providing consistency in the food, packaging, and the overall experience we create.

We base the client experience and our ultimate success on the processes, recipes, and checklists we develop and compliance with ‘the system’.

We create an authentic, detailed experience where relationships can be nurtured and expressed through chocolate. We enable clients to treat their networks, both professional and personal, to a treasured experience through our carefully crafted confection chocolate products. Our objective is for everyone to think of My Pretty Little Pretzel as the “go to” for a unique, handcrafted tasty artisan treat.

We do this currently through our headquarters in the state of Carmel, Indiana, and ship all over the country.

At the very core of what we provide is authentic confection desserts made with love. Love is in the details of all that we create whether it is a package, the product, or while we attend professional networking events, through our branding and exceptional, positive, details throughout.

How MPLP Can Help