Congratulations-you’re getting married!  This is a wonderful time but it can be extremely stressful with so many decisions to make and a budget to adhere to.  Let us help you come up with creative solutions that are sure to make your event one of a kind and truly spectacular-at least when it comes to the sweet treats!  No matter how big or small your event or budget, we will be able to provide you with some delicious treats for your friends and loved ones.

Just a few of the things we can do after you say “Yes, I’ll marry you!”

Bridal Shower: Spoil your guests with the most decadent truffles they have ever tasted.  Ganache so good, its been called “‘gasmic” though we don’t promote that widely. Beautiful and tasty, they are sure to make a lovely centerpiece, gift box, or treat for the special people in your life.

Cocktail Hour:  While waiting for party to start, set the tone and serve our cute little shorties or niblets while your guests are waiting for lunch or dinner to be served.  You could also substitute a signature bagged truffle as each guest enters the space setting a delicious tone for the rest of the day or evening.

Grooms Gift:  How about creating a special ganache just for your groom?  Does he have a favorite beer or go to drink?  With enough notice, we can create a one of a kind ganache or truffle just for him.  Surprise him and your guests with something unique and truly original.

Sweets Table:  Have a small cake for you but let the rest of your guests choose from an assortment of truffles or pretzels for a unique twist.  Looking for something completely different, we can also create a truffle wedding tower/cake.

Wedding Favors: Though skies the limit, a few of our favorites include……a single customized rod at each place setting, a beautiful truffle or an assortment for either your wedding guests or bridal party.

Welcome/Arrival Boxes:  Need something special for those distant travelers or VIPs attending your wedding?  How about creating a custom amenities box filled with local Indiana product like our Peppermint Kiss Niblet bag or Ancho Glad You Tried Me Niblets and either some beer, wine or coffee drinks? Sure to set a beautiful tone for a beautiful weekend.

2017 Spring Bridal Special  -10% discount on all orders over $500.   Must be booked by 5/31/17

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