Valentines Box


Product Description

Valentines Love Box Includes:

  • 4 -4 oz assorted niblets (see below)
  • 4 piece boxed assorted truffles (Valentines ensemble)
  • 1 long rod (see below)
  • Valentines decor

Pretzel Flavors

  • Some Like It Hot: Candied red hots coated over white chocolate.
  • The Original  MPLP-M&M®: Red and assorted pinks using MMs® over dark chocolate
  • Ancho Glad You Tried Me™: Sugar scrub with a custom spice blend of cinnamon, ancho, paprika, cayenne coated over dark chocolate
  • Apple of My Eye: Sugar scrub with freeze dried all natural apple pieces and powder, apple extract, cinnamon and a whole lot of love over white chocolate
  • Strawberry Bliss: Sugar scrub with freeze dried, all natural non GMO organic strawberry pieces and powder over white chocolate
  • Peppermint Kiss: Crushed peppermint candy over dark chocolate.

Truffle Flavors

  • Orange Crush-Dark chocolate Grand Marnier ganache coated with dark chocolate with candied orange
  • Coconut Collison– Dark chocolate with flakes of coconut gananche coated with white chocolate and toasted coconut
  • Razzle Dazzle Raspberry-Dark chocolate raspberry ganache coated with dark chocolate and dried organic raspberries
  • Take Me Away Tiramisu-milk chocolate with tiramisu emulsion coated with white chocolate and shaved chocolate