Box of Joy

We love making personal touches in our kitchen. That’s why all our treats are handmade and handbagged. We even meticulously place each sticker in the proper spot on the bags and jars. We measure out the perfect amount of ribbon to tie on top and add a little dash of holiday fun with leaves or holly.

We have an assembly line system most days, but it’s still all by hand. Pouring love into each box as we get ready to ship it out.

With the busyness of the holidays, some of our orders go to people right in our backyards, so Kate decided we would deliver them ourselves. Here’s Gwen, our Marketing & Social Media Manager’s, story of the deliveries she made.

“First off, I had no idea how beautiful Zionsville is! There were all these cute little neighborhoods that looked like they belonged in a fairy tale. So many were decorated for Christmas too, I can only imagine what they looked like at night.

I only had a few boxes to deliver, but I was really excited to take them to everyone’s house. I know how much I love getting mail from actual humans. You know the feeling; you go to open the mailbox and inside among all the ads, flyers and bills is a handwritten note from someone. It means so much knowing that they took the time to write to me. That’s why I wanted to deliver the packages.

The second house I went to was this older home, you could just tell that life had really happened here. Maybe the family that built it no longer lives there, or maybe the family’s grandkids live there now. You could just tell that many moments had happened in the yard and on that porch. I wasn’t sure if anyone was home, so when I rang the bell I counted to 15. No one came, so I set the box by the door, said, “Merry Christmas!” and started to make my way back down the driveway.

A few seconds later I heard the door opening. I spun around and raced back onto the porch, wanting to hand deliver the box. The lady who opened the door looked so surprised! It was precious.

“A package, for me?” She asked, shocked that she was receiving a gift. I asked her what her name was to make sure I’d gotten the right house. It was her’s alright. I handed her the box and I- I honestly wish I had a camera with me. It was so sweet how her face lit up, her eyes wide wondering what was inside. She looked like a child on Christmas morning, walking downstairs to see the tree with packages piled underneath knowing they were for her.

A few homes later, another lady had almost the same reaction. She saw me coming through the window and greeted me at the door with a cheery, “A delivery?! For me?”

I handed her the box after asking her name. Her eyes grew wide and her smile even more so. She looked from the box to me and back again. “Well, thank you, dear.” She said as I was walking away from the door. “Merry Christmas!” I said as I stepped off the porch. “Merry Christmas!” She said back to me as she went back inside, still marveling at the box in her hands.

It got me thinking, how much more joy would there be in people’s lives, let alone the world if we showed people how much we appreciate them? Sure, maybe we all don’t have the financial ability to give our loved ones’ castles and car services no matter how much they deserve them, but there are always small ways we can say how much we appreciate them. We can send notes, we can call, we can show up with cookies and tea for an afternoon of chatting. If we can send gifts, we should send them. Think about the last time you received a gift that wasn’t on your birthday. How did it make you feel? I’m guessing, pretty darn loved.

That’s why I love what we do, we get to love on people in a way that you may not think about. All with a little bit of chocolate.”

Want to show some love to your clients, co-workers, staff or team this holiday season? Don’t worry! There’s still time to place your order! Email us at to place yours today!

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