Treats for Mans Best Friend-BIG LOVE™

Big Love™ treats finally helped my dogs bad breath and they are great for them too! I had been buying very expensive treats but wanted something that was not only good for their coat and had no additional preservatives, but also was a treat that they really enjoyed.  After researching and experimenting, I found a base recipe and then in typical ad lib style added a dash of sass, a pinch of calm, a splash of sweet and a whole lot of big love. The result….a 100% all natural, human grade, organic, TASTY treat with no fillers or anything your dog can’t read. No only great for a breathe freshener, they are also the best TRAINING treat I have seen.

They have gone through extensive tasting testing and have received 2 paws way up and seem to be the go to treat for all dogs no matter what shape or size.  In addition, we make out product in three sizes-small, medium and large.  If you choose, you can purchase the product in a refillable 10 oz recycled jar that comes with a dog charm.  Reorders in bags are available as well or you can just order bagged product.  Please go to our shopping site to see all purchasing options.  BIG LOVE™ treats are also a really nice addition when putting together a custom pretzel gift box for those who love the dogs and only want the best.  We currently have 2 flavors-100% organic wheat with kale & parsley and a non-wheat option made with oats, chickpeas and peanut butter.