Meet the Team

2018 MPLP Team.  All kidding aside, we know how to put the “sweet” in good times. Whether in the kitchen, at an event or behind the scenes, these ladies live out our mission.


Kate Wilson, Owner-Chief Chocolatier & Creator

The creative brain behind the brand, Kate is passionate about food, education and connecting deeply with her clients. Long before she was the fearless leader of this crazy, eclectic team she was the fearless mother of three kids who’ve been some of her biggest cheerleaders and most avid taste testers.  Kate is always coming up with new recipes, ideas and ways to bring MPLP to everyone. She’s the chocolate that binds us all together under one amazing motto: “Live your life with a whole lot of love and a little chocolate.”

Stephanie Griggs, Events & Charitable Donation Director

Steph aka Queen goddess and breast cancer survivor has been with Kate since the very beginning, way before MPLP was in formal existence. She too is like The Original™ and understands and continues to carry out the brand, look and feel. Steph uses her magical ways to raise her two kids and continues using them to help us decide which events our team will attend. Part of being in charge of all our events, she also decides all things charitable. MPLP is committed to giving back at least 10% of total sales through product donations, discounts, and financial contributions.

Meg Gorman, Chief Catch All

Be careful what you ask for!  Meg saw our article in The Current in Carmel and was compelled by the story of Kate and this small startup and asked how she could be apart of it all.  Going into her second season, this wife & mom of 5, grandma of 7, somehow finds the time, passion and love to be the hands and feet of the operation.  Whether it be researching products, typing in business cards, working in the wee hours of the night or cheerfully passing out samples at an event, Meg’s beautiful spirit, love for people  (and chocolate) has been a huge blessing to MPLP and her staff.

Gwen Debaun, Media & Promotions

Gwen is the newest member of the team! She’s taken her love & passion for writing and turned it into our media-marketing guru. She brings a youthful element to the design and whimsy of the product. She is an avid surfer and environmentalist and though we are thrilled to have her this season, I am not sure this landlocked state will be able to contain her love and free spirit.

Brenda Surbey, Head of Kitchen Operations

Brenda was the first official part-time employee with MPLP and is going on her third season with the company. She’s a mom of two kids and is ever so willing to execute and sample the creations that come from Kate. She understands and helps with quality control that each product that leaves the kitchen is made with a little bit of chocolate and a whole lot of love.